Fuchs Memorial Award

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The Fuchs Memorial Award recognizes outstanding original research contributions to the field of aerosol science and technology. It is considered the highest honor for researchers in the field. Presented every four years at the International Aerosol Conference, the award memorializes late Professor Nikolai Albertovich Fuchs, the great Russian scientist who is regarded by many as the “father of aerosol science”.

Past Recipients:

1990 Sheldon K. Friedlander
1994 Benjamin Y. H. Liu (co-winner)
1994 Othmar Preining (co-winner)
1998 John H. Seinfeld
2002 Kikuo Okuyama (co-winner)
2002 A. A. Lushnikov (co-winner)
2006 Richard C. Flagan (co-winner)
2006 Peter H. McMurry (co-winner)
2010 David Y. H. Pui (co-winner)

2010 Markku Kulmala (co-winner)
2014 Doug Worsnop (co-winner)
2014 Urs Baltensperger (co-winner)


Award Committees:

1998-2002 Benjamin Y. H. Liu (Chair)
Other members: Drs. Othmar Preining, Ruprecht Jaenicke, Dr. Yoshio Otani, Kikuo Okuyama and John H. Seinfeld

2003-2010 John H. Seinfeld (Chair)
Other members: Drs. Kikuo Okuyama, Yoshio Otani, Helmut Horvath, Gerhard Kasper, and Benjamin Liu.

2011-2014 Richard C. Flagan (Chair)
Other members: Leon Gradon, Ruprecht Jaenicke, Peter H. McMurry, Kikuo Okuyama and Yoshio Otani


The award is sponsored by American Association for Aerosol Research (AAAR),
Gesellschaft fuer Aerosolforschung (GAeF), and Japan Association of Aerosol
Science and Technology (JAAST)

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